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The 31 artists tackled the theme of the invisibility of the person in a particular way, which in many cases corresponds to the non-person, or rather the being who is not recognised as a responsible being, holder of certain rights and duties. The non-person is the man (or woman) whose personality is taken away, every individual stripped of his or her human and civil rights: homeless people, migrants, non-EU citizens, elderly people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, battered or lonely women, insecure teenagers, fighters and martyrs of the resistance, mothers of missing children, the disabled and those excluded from the world of work.


The photographs are above all the result of a predisposition towards storytelling – dealt with explicitly or in the form of metaphor – that allows us to enter into a story, incorporating both social and political memory’ (-) continuing from Maura Pozzati’s text in the catalogue: (..) ‘it is in these shots that the invisible and hidden side is given shape. The unrecognised and unpaid work, the pain of ageing and illness, the resistance to fatigue, the shame of diversity. (-) it is in these shots that the non-person, (-) becomes a person: it is enough to read what the photographers have written next to each of their shots to understand how much women are used to coming to terms with invisibility (…).


The photographers exhibit:

Alessandra Attianese | Anna Rosati | Antonella di Girolamo | Antonella Monzoni | Antonietta Corvetti | Beatrice Mancini | Bruna Orlandi | Colomba d’Apolito | Daniela Facchinato | Fulvia Farassino | Giuliana Mariniello | Isabella Balena | Isabella Colonnello | Isabella De Maddalena | Liliana Barchiesi | Loredana Celano | Lucia Baldini | Margherita Dametti | Margherita Verdi | Margherita Mirabella | Marianna Cappelli | Marzia Malli | Melania Messina | Paola Mattioli| Patrizia Bonanzinga | Patrizia Pulga | Patrizia Riviera | Silvia Lelli | Sonia Lenzi | Tiziana Arici | Vittoria Amati

Invisible was exhibited in:

Modena |. Bologna |. Pietrasanta |. Macerata

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