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About us

Italian Women Photographers’ association was founded in 2017 from an idea and the will of Patrizia Pulga with the aim to promote women photographers’ work in Italy and worldwide.

Its members, with a variety of in depth experience, decided to get together to fill a cultural void. In fact, despite the increasing interest for photography, public and private cultural institutions rarely are interested in women photographers’ work.

All italian women photographers resident in Italy who share our purpose can join the association.

Aware of the value of women photographers’ work worldwide, we intend to undertake several initiatives to stimulate curators, critics, institutions and journalists in giving attention and valuing women photographers’ artistic work, whose cultural wealth is immense.

Lucia Baldini – President
Margherita Dametti – Vice-President
Paola Rizzi – Board member
Tiziana Arici – Board Member
Patrizia Riviera – Board Member