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BODYSTORMING is a choral work that contains, in nuce, the first expression of DonneFotografe’s identity. The innovative element inherent in this project, in which the female body is the focus, is that it presents itself as a collective work, in which the choice of interpretation is outlined through a multiform and multifaceted vision. The vision is not exhausted in a single photo (or in many univocal photos), but rather is stratified in a real corpus, just as the complexity of women cannot be defined except in a different and multifaceted multiplicity.

In BODYSTORMING, a composite and composite woman’s body emerges, in which the innumerable and surprising elements tell of the many female souls. The woman who re-composes herself in this project, a unicum of innumerable parts, is a metaphor – in the most stringent etymological sense – for the renunciation of her own partiality, of the subjectivity of each author, of the circumscribed personal horizon. And the storm evoked in the title seems to break through as a vital and testimonial element in the stories of each narrator-photographer, emphasising the highly personal search for the identity of a contemporary female self, powerful and – still! – on the move.

Video Bodystorming: