Tiziana Arici

Tiziana was born a Brescia in 1956. She opened her first study in 1984 and begins her collaboration with companies, advertising agencies, publishing houses. She carries out advertising campaigns measuring herself in different fields: interior, gardens, food and still life. Her photographic projects have been published in a lot of magazines, books of culture, architecture, exhibitions. She has made photographic books documenting artistic passions, reportage of museums and libraries, she has surrendered images for the covers of books on female thought. She has always been attentive to social issues that affect the lives of women and collaborates with no-profit consultants and associations. She is a professor of photography at Accademia di Belle Arti Santa Giulia in Brescia, in photography of cultural heritage and set design and decoration course. Since 2000 she has participated in national and international exhibitions: Laboratorio Alzheimer, Korian Brescia 2018; Il diritto di esser fragili, Casa di Industria, Brescia 2017; La vita degli altri, Studio Gallery, 2017; Realtà Fuori Campo, Brescia 2017; La vita è un palcoscenico, Borgo dei Creativi di Meano 2017; Invisibili, Festival della letteratura di Mantova 2013; Light shadows, Municipio di Salò 2011, Colomba, dedicato a mia Madre, Brescia 2011; Import Export, Brescia 2009. She lives and has a personal space in Brescia.


The right to be fragile

The project begins from a reflection on the fragility of human beings and the passing time, changing our bodies and our perception of life.
We have the right to show our fragility at any age, the weight of loneliness, the tiredness, the emptiness we feel around us.

Life is a stage

Life is a stage
and on this journey pulls back its curtain ,
unmasks the true character
and showcases beauty in its entirety.

These photographs were take in the old Salò Theater, in total state of disrepair since the 60s. The beauty of this Theater has allowed me to capture the essence of time. As time passes and the places around us change, Lifes beauty will remain the same.