Silvia Tampucci

Born in Livorno, since 2016 she has been actively collaborating with FIAF, the Italian Federation of Photographic Associations. She coordinate Thematic Laboratories of the FIAF Culture Department i n the provinces of Livorno, Lucca and Pisa, a commitment for which she have achieved the appointment of Photographic Tutor and Artistic Coordinator. In 2017 she took on the role of Deputy Director of the FIAF Galleries, to be appointed Director of the same department in 2021. In 2020 she receives the BFI recognition. In 2022 she was appointed FIAF Accredited Portfolio Reader and FIAF Photography Reader. Most of her photographic projects arise from the need to tell about herself through what surrounds her. She participate in exhibitions including the Circuit OFF Ferrara Festival Riaperture (2021); «Reflections-RestArt» curated by Roberto Mutti (2020); Galleria Millepiani, Rome – Exhibition Mirrors and Reflections (2020). In 2021 and 2022 she is the curator of the texts of the Catalog relating to the National Photography Competition “Trofeo CittĂ  di Follonica”.

INSIDE, a journey inside.
An introspective journey. An attempt to reach the particular in everyday life known. Many small breaths that drive through the ordinary to an extraordinary moment.