Ninni Romeo

Ninni was born in Catania and lives in Rome. After years working in a legal capacity, in 2000 she definitely embraced her long-standing passion for photography thanks also to fortunate meetings with choreographer Pina Bausch and photographer Michael Ackermann. In 2005 with other women photographers she set up the Obiettivo Granieri Association for the promotion and distribution of art photography. She edited the publication Unnisi? (2009) and on behalf of FotoGrafiaFestival InternazionalediRoma she curated the show taliannu taliannu, the collective I bought me a cat and La gioia di vedere oltre il visibile, a one man show by Evgen Bavcar. She conceived and curated GRANIERI F. the exhibition of historic photographs of the family (2012) and the Project Granieri: a village taking photos of itself. In 2013 she held her own one woman exhibition Nel Tempo. In 2017 EuropaInDanza awarded her a special photography prize for her exhibitions in Italy and abroad dedicated to Pina Bausch: Liebe Pina, toï toïtoï, Gefühlandframmenti.