Maria Erovereti

Maria Erovereti lives and works in Turin (Piedmont). Graduated in Humanities, she has devoted herself to photography since the Eighties. After a brief period of teaching, she started her exhibition activity in the first years of the Nineties and her artistic research has been focusing on the interaction between the human body and the natural elements ever since, thus resulting in a project titled Immanences. Two further art projects completed by the artist are Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Flashes of Memory, which investigates identity and the inner world. The latter particularly explores image − meaning photo-graph in its literal meaning − as the outcome of a personal research on light.  A Small World, Maria Erovereti’s most recent project, is dedicated to her mother. Maria also published a piece of historical narrative-essay on prehistoric art, The Womb of Time, a critical essay on some female photographers, Unusual Looks, two poetry collections, Fragments of Emotions and Moonflowers, and a photographic-poetic volume, A Small World, Images and Words.



… Some time ago, Maria Erovereti wrote–as prophetic as artists can be–“Nature has been dominated, an order has been assigned to the living ones” and then “human beings are one soul”. She dedicated these words to her encounter with an ancient olive tree, torn and suffering, but with enough life force to give birth to yet another vigorous twig. What originated from the turmoil generated by that meeting experience is Maria’s brand-new research on energy binding human beings to nature in so many forms.  Not only that though, but also a whole new awareness: we cannot move away from the natural environment, for our soul is interconnected to a broader world soul. Today, that Anima Mundi seems to go through the unpublished sequences the photographer presents to us. The female figures–bodies collected or emerging from the very body of the trees–merge or separate from them; curves and slits intertwine sometimes seeking tiring detachment paths, sometimes composing a dance, sometimes even wrapping up to listen to one’s secret breath in the earth…
(Adonella Marena)