Lucia Baldini

Since the 80s, Lucia Baldini has been storytelling through images when she began to create photos for a record company in Tuscany called Materiali Sonori. For decades Lucia has collaborated on festivals, with dance and theater companies throughout Italy – including more than 12 years with the highly respected Carla Fracci. She brings us up-close and intimately drawn into the art and unique culture of argentine tango through her series of four photography books. After meeting Carlo Mazzacurati,
Lucia began her work in the world of cinema. She has co-created video installations and has experimented with a range of multi-media materials. Her work has been presented and shown both in Italia and internationally, with the production of numerous private and public collections. Over the years, Lucia’s stage photography has greatly influenced the direction of many theater and dance performances. Lucia continues to work on a variety of fascinating current and future projects.