Liliana Barchiesi

Born in Milano in 1945, in the early Seventies starts as photojournalist with a special glance to the women’s world: the working woman, the demonstrations for divorce and against backstreet abortion, the domestic space, the groups and the family services infrastructures and also the new approaches of Psichiatria Democratica and of Franco Basaglia studies. Liliana’s works were issued on news organizations such as Effe, Noi Donne, Amica, Due più, L’Espresso, Il Quotidiano dei Lavoratori .As photographer and authoress of audiovisuals she takes part to group and personal exhibitions such as Donne-immagini 1974/1979 Palazzo Vitelli-Pisa University (2008-2009),The house and its rituals Palazzo Fortuny Venice (1980), The other glance Triennale-Milan (2016). After a period in which she works mainly in her photo studio, in the years 2000 she starts again to work as a journalist and is fully involved in a co-operation with Women associations, revealing through photography and documentary a comparison between yesterday and today: diversities and similarities against  stereotypes and abuses.