Fulvia Farassino

Born in Cremona in 1950, Fulvia lives in Milan . She started her career devoted to photography since the late 70’s. She has contributed regularly to Corriere della Sera supplements: Sette and Vivi Milano. Her photos have been published in the most important Italian magazines. She specialized in photo-reporting of the cinema, portraying mainly actors and film makers. She later broadened her interests, photographing writers, artists, and artisans in their working environment. Exibitions:1980 Gran Ballo Excelsior,Trieste; 1994 Ritratti Cinematografici,Galleria Cinema Zero; Pordenone; 2000 Confini, Milano; 2009 Sogno in 42 Fotogrammi, Galleria Blanchaert, 2011 partecipazione a Mia Fair, Milan Image Art Fair; 2013 Tratti e ritratti. Per Alberto. Milano,Cinema Anteo; 2014 Tratti e Ritratti. Per Alberto. 33 fotografie; Torino, Museo del Cinema; 2014 Tratti, ritratti e Sogni, Trieste, Magazzino delle Idee; 2016 Tratti Ritratti e Sogni, Casalbuttano, Cremona, ex Filanda Jacini.