Emanuela Casagrande

She was born in 1965 in Manerbio Bs, and now she lives in Desenzano del Garda Bs. In 1992 she took a Diploma in photography at the European Institute of Design in Milan, and since 1997 she has been undertaking an intense professional activity that leads her to collaborate with numerous architecture studios. Her works have been published in important architecture magazines. Since 2014 she has been interested in artistic research, investigating the fragility of nature and the human being and participating in both solo and group exhibitions, like: “Intersezioni”,Centro Culturale Svizzero, Milan (1999), “Camillo Botticini architetture 1993-2004” (2004), libreria Einaudi, Brescia, “Donne per le donne” , palazzo Frizzoni, Bergamo (2015) and HYBRID international fair for emerging art, Madrid(2017). As a finalist of Premio Arte 2019, she has participated at the exhibition held in Palazzo Reale in Milan. Since 2015 she’s interested in the technique of engraving art.


Incerta Condicio

My artistic research leads me to investigate the bonds and impediments that we impose on ourselves or others impose on us and hold us back. I investigate the stratifications which positive or negative experiences inevitably create, and  weigh us down,  modify us and trap us.

Those pictures are part of a photographic project calledIncerta Condicio, which means fragility in latin.

The flower  has just been picked up and merged in a solid substance that stiffens its nature, taking away life and color. In this way, I modified the structure of the flower capturing the cracks you will find on it. Despite of the fragments, you can still find a balance between matter and nature in its purest form.