Daniela Facchinato

Born in 1946 in Sondrio, Italy, Daniela graduated in Classical Literature, before starting work in the 1970s as a news photographer for the Bolognese daily newspaper Il Foglio. When the paper ceased publication she co-founded the free radio station Radiocittà 103. From 1980 to 1990 she worked with the Condé Nast publishing house as a journalist and news photographer on Lei and Per Lui magazines, writing articles every month on various aspects of youth culture around in the world. Since 1985 she has also worked in fashion photography and on photographic portraits and has created several music album covers, her work featuring in many exhibitions. Daniela has also been commissioned to illustrate photo books, including La ragione dei matti, edited by Cappelli, 1990; 1000 Miglia, viaggio nella memoria, ed Electa, Milano 1990; Nuova Officina Bolognese, Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Bologna 1992; La fucina del Toro, Lamborghini, Uomini Macchine Saperi, edited by Cappelli, 1993; Denti, qualcosa di più a proposito del film di Gabriele Salvatores, edited by Sipiel. In 1999 she opened Daniela Facchinato Image Gallery, the first photographic gallery in Bologna.