Colomba d’Apolito

Born in Puglia, Italy in 1955. After graduating in Pharmacy in Florence, d’Apolito attended the DAMS at the University of Bologna. In 1984 she began photographing various theater and musician groups; Krypton, Magazzini Criminali, GMM, Neon, Diaframma, Litfiba. As correspondent for SIPARIO, she portrayed characters from the world of theater and culture, alongside exhibiting her work in Italy and abroad. In 1994 she co-founded the international festival Fabbrica Europa in Florence. In 1999 she curated the project ‘body and soul’, involving international photographers, which took place in over ten Florentine galleries. In 2001 she published Gargano those who stay, Alinea ed.  portraits and landscapes in B/W.For the past ten years, starting from the Diptychs, showed at the European Photography10, d’Apolito works on images through cut-and-paste, in series revolving around the concept of identity. Today she lives and works in Pietrasanta, in Tuscany.