Cinzia Battagliola

Born in Brescia where she lives and works.
In 2010 she discovered self- portrait as her artistic expression and she hasn’t abandoned it ever since. By means of a Polaroid camera, her shots follow a project of sequences that show the body as constantly transforming. She has always been focused on the human figure and on studying in depth the oneiric mistery connected to the subconscious. In 2015 she had her first photographic book “Sul filo dei sogni” (On the Thread of Dreams) published, (Galleria Sozzani, Milano). She has been in several expositions in many Italian cities. She has been a curator at the Spazio Contemporanea in Brescia, she was in the Brescia Photo Festival at the Santa Giulia Museum, in the section dedicated to female self-portrait, curated by Mario Trevisan and Donata Pizzi. She had a personal exhibition “Fili Invisibili” (Invisible Threads) at the art space in san Zenone all’Arco in Brescia. Some of her works can be seen at the Musinf Museum in Senigallia, in several private collections and in the book “Il corpo solitario” (the Solitary Body) by Giorgio Bonomi.
She organizes photography projects for schools and workshops dedicated to instant photography and self-portrait. She is a Photographic Tutor at FIAF. She collaborates with the Negri Foundation in Brescia.

Naked Truth

“The body as a container of memory, constantly transforming, each thing that happens to us goes through it and, although our mind deletes it, the body still keeps each memory, each scar. The body is our case connected to the mind. It is a metamorphosis of unavoidable changes”.
This is a project born in 2018 and realised with a Polaroid Land 250 instant camera and an expired Fuji 100C film. They are a sequence of self- portrait close-up shots where the body is fractioned and blurred; this extreme nearness and the lack of artificial light make the pictures look like they were wrapped in a veil, just like when objects are covered in dust and it thickens. Passage and time are my favourite themes of
study and in this special project there is a kind of magnifying glass that instead of making details clearer it makes them more clouded. In the transition between sleeping and waking there is a short moment when time gets confused and dreams seem just as real as their memory, this is the moment I would love to grasp so that the presence of what is not real is protracted through photography.
The urge to shoot with old cameras and expired films arises from the desire of transforming what my mind imagines into matter.
Matter has depth, shape, smell, and in time it transforms just like our body.