Antonella Bozzini

Antonella began studying photography in Milan in 1990 at the European Institute of Design – Department of Photography, graduating in 1993.
n 2012 she began a new photographic research journey into the exploration and deeper understanding of the different declinations of architectural urban space used in public areas and in the integration of different urban, social, historical and cultural contexts relted to the anthrocene epoch.
Photographic is magic. It does not necessarily tell its own subjects, who are often invited to recall those interior intimacies that are not expressed as their appearance, which is clearly manifested. This art is always capable of revealing something of the author, who includes everyone in her vision.
To conclude, this is the essence of my photography: if you carefully observe it, and you align yourself with its spirit, it may reveal a lot about yourself.


A photographic project that aims to accompany the evolution of the architecture of the Milan’s urban landscape from 2020 to 2030. Understanding the city in the making, through photography. With this urban transformation I imagine we can can connect in an articulated fruition the aspects of a past still
present and of a contemporaneity projected into the future. Starting with glimpses of the ancient Gates, the investigation continues prospectively along the main axes that connect the center to the enlarged city, to the Metropolitan City, with images where attention to public green space and its social use emerges, prompting one to question the relationship between different architectures and different historical visions, social and cultural.