Amalia Violi

Born in Milan in 1967, she graduated at Bauer in Milan with a degree in photography. At the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan she earned a degree in Cinema and Video. She began working in the reportage, portraits, travel photo industry collaborating with newspapers and companies. Over the time her approach to photography shifts from documentary to research. In the 1990 she worked with television, Sei Milano as a video journalist, and at Mediaset for the development of television formats. In 2017 she realized her first film: Variations of Mary. She currently is working as a teacher in Milan, and conducts personal research on the languages of photography. Expositions1992 Openspace Milano, Stories of Albania, 1993 Idea Books Milano Musicians, 1997 Permanente Museum ofMilan San Carlo Borromeo, Prize, 2000 Arengario of Milan Clerks, 2000 Azibul Milan collecttive exibition, 2002 Fotofestival Savignano Secrets stories, 2003 Modena for Photography collective exibition, 2004 Berlino Kunsthaus Tachelet Naturalmente, 2006 Umanitaria Milan Immigrants, 2012 Palazzo of Ragione Milan Cassandra, 2019 Photo Week Milan special mention for Alphaville project.