Gloria Fenaroli

Born in 1978 in Montichiari Bs, she graduated in Photography. She graduated at DAMS University in Theatre, too. She works since she was a young girl in the family studio. The quality of her pictures is the outcome of her sensitivity that helps reaching the souls of the subjects and objects she portrays through a psycological approach. Presently she is dedicating herself to a refined research on female portrait, italian culture and live drawing. In 2008 she obtained by Federation of European Photography the prestigious qualification QEP for Portrait. He created the original “Marks of Time” Fine Art method 
Since 2009 she exhibited in individual and collective exhibitions with the collections “Marks of 1000 Miglia” in Los Angeles, China and several Italian cities, “Taste of Myth” in the UN building in New York during Expo2015, ” Barbs “in Orvieto, “Female lyric architecture“, “Marks of Swing” and “Dea Boudoir”.

Female Lyrics 

A woman feels for details, details that have different characteristics, shades and colors. Female architecture is a house without borders, with ever-changing structural elements and shapes that are generally (almost) indecipherable. Through her own nakedness the woman reveals herself and knows the other, “activates” the tools of perception and offers herself to a musical dialogue …